Quick update, post AGU

Well, that whole trying to get better about blogging post GSA didn’t really pan out. Five upper level math and geology courses, when you have a guaranteed 3 to 5 hour commute on Monday/Wednesday/Friday, really end up eating up a lot of time.

And now that AGU is over with, I’m in the serious grad school application crunch time.

But, once that’s done with, I will do a couple of posts.

  • A picture and my thoughts on an interesting countertop I mentioned to Dave of Stories in Stone at the AGU geobloggers meetup, which will hopefully result in further details from him about the stone of said countertop.
  • Some posts about an upcoming trip to Hawaii
  • I have something about algebra and mineralogy I’ve been thinking about posting… that one’s still sort of a mush in my head, so we’ll see how it goes
  • Maybe some stuff on AGU/San Francisco, or an extremely belated post about GSA or both
  • Probably some random other stuff

Hopefully, this’ll turn out a bit better than my intentions post-GSA.


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