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Also, geologists in World of Warcraft

30 January 2009

So, a friend got me the World of Warcraft Battlechest and a 60-day card for Christmas. While I was levelling up a druid, I encountered a phrase in a quest which made me laugh. So I present to you the following screenshot.

Damn geologists and their magic ways!

Damn geologists and their magic ways!


A video of a nene on Maui

30 January 2009

What with this semester starting up, and sorting out 1200+ pictures and videos, I haven’t posted much. But here’s a video of the Hawaiian state bird, the nene, for now.

Taken in Haleakala National Park on Maui, just above the Ranger station at 7000 feet.

Quick update, post AGU

22 December 2008

Well, that whole trying to get better about blogging post GSA didn’t really pan out. Five upper level math and geology courses, when you have a guaranteed 3 to 5 hour commute on Monday/Wednesday/Friday, really end up eating up a lot of time.

And now that AGU is over with, I’m in the serious grad school application crunch time.

But, once that’s done with, I will do a couple of posts.

  • A picture and my thoughts on an interesting countertop I mentioned to Dave of Stories in Stone at the AGU geobloggers meetup, which will hopefully result in further details from him about the stone of said countertop.
  • Some posts about an upcoming trip to Hawaii
  • I have something about algebra and mineralogy I’ve been thinking about posting… that one’s still sort of a mush in my head, so we’ll see how it goes
  • Maybe some stuff on AGU/San Francisco, or an extremely belated post about GSA or both
  • Probably some random other stuff

Hopefully, this’ll turn out a bit better than my intentions post-GSA.